valid from 08.2020

Consultation - PLN 200

Payment - cash, bank transfer,

It is also possible to pay in installments via the MEDIRATY portal







Upper eyelid surgery PLN 4,000
Lower eyelid surgery PLN 5,000

Upper and lower eyelid surgery PLN 8,000

Neck lifting PLN 9,000
Face lift PLN 15,000
Face lifting + nanofatgrafting PLN 20,000

Mini face lift PLN 8,000
Forehead lift PLN 10,000
Adipose tissue transplant to the face (MICROFATGRAFTING) from PLN 6,000

Correction of protruding ears PLN 4,000

Rhinoplasty / cartilage nose correction PLN 6,000

Rhinoplasty with osteotomy PLN 10,000



Breast lift (mastopexy) PLN 12,000

Breast lift + suspension TiLOOP BRA PLN 18,000 

Breast augmentation with BLite implants PLN 22,000
Breast augmentation with round implants PLN 15,000

Breast augmentation + breast fat transplant PLN 18,000 
Breast augmentation with own fat PLN 10,000

Breast augmentation with anatomical implants PLN 17,000
Breast lift with augmentation PLN 18,000
Reduction with breast lift PLN 16,000

Removal of breast implants PLN 11,000

Replacement of breast implants PLN 16,000
Replacement of implants with breast lift PLN 20,000

Insertion of male breast implants PLN 20,000
Gynecomastia (liposuction + gland excision) PLN 8,000

Giant gynecomastia with nipple transposition PLN 12,000




Mini abdominoplasty PLN 8,000

Full abdominoplasty PLN 14,000 
Full abdominal abdominoplasty with liposuction PLN 16,000


LIPOSUCTION / Body modeling


Chin and neck liposuction PLN 5,000

Arm liposuction PLN 8,000

Abdominal liposuction PLN 8,000

Hip liposuction PLN 8,000

Buttocks liposuction PLN 8,000

Back liposuction PLN 8,000

Liposuction of thighs PLN 8,000

Knee liposuction PLN 5,000
Adipose tissue transplantation for buttocks, shins (one area) PLN 15,000

Excision of excess skin on the arms + liposuction PLN 12,000

Excision of excess skin on the thighs - lift PLN 12,000
Labiaplasty under general anesthesia PLN 4 500

Removal of skin lesions and scars PLN 1,500


* Additional day stay at the clinic PLN 500

** All procedures under general anesthesia include 1 day stay in the clinic




Breast reconstruction with pLD flap + Tissue expander PLN 22,000

Breast reconstruction with Mentor tissue expander (1st stage) PLN 10,000

Breast nipple reconstruction PLN 3,000

Prophylactic mastectomy with simultaneous reconstruction from PLN 25,000





Pelleve - wrinkle reduction and face modeling

Whole face PLN 1,100
The upper part of the face PLN 700
Lower part of the face PLN 700
Crow's feet PLN 500
Wrinkles between the eyebrows PLN 500
Wrinkles around the mouth PLN 500

Botulinum toxin

One area - PLN 500
Two areas PLN 850
Migraine treatment PLN 2,000

Hyaluronic acid

0.8 ml ampoule PLN 800 

1 ml ampoule PLN 1,200

Lip augmentation and modeling with hyaluronic acid (Juvederm)

0.55 ml ampoule PLN 1,000
1 ml ampoule PLN 1, 200





Laser resurfacing - peeling, Fotona Fidelis Pixel Screen Technology

Whole face PLN 800
Upper part of the face PLN 500

Lower part of the face PLN 500
Crow's feet PLN 300 
Wrinkles between the eyebrows PLN 300
Wrinkles around the mouth 300 PLN

Laser correction of acne scars


Whole face PLN 800
Neckline PLN 800
Back PLN 1000

Correction of postoperative, post-traumatic and burn scars from PLN 300

Laser removal of a skin lesion PLN 200

Freezing skin lesions PLN 150

Laser discoloration correction from PLN 500


* Fractional laser treatments must be performed 3-5 times to obtain the effect




Face mesotherapy + Serum with hyaluronic acid and Vit. C + E PLN 500
Neck mesotherapy + Serum with hyaluronic acid and Vit. C + E PLN 500





Prices are set individually depending on the number of grafts 1 graft PLN 9


We only use products from reputable companies


Polytech Implants, Motiva Implants

TiLOOP Bra mastopexy meshes

Hyaluronic Acid Products Juvederm, Surgiderm (Allergan)

Botulinum Toxin Botox / Vistabel (Allerga n) / Azzalure (Galderma)






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