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Plastic Surgery Team.






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I would like to welcome you to the drPaul Clinic.


We built this place based on the experience and an amazing team. We are glad that you are with us.



Our panel of plastic and reconstructive surgery procedures covers the full spectrum. All performed treatments are presented in the price list tab.



Our plastic surgery specialists, i.e. me Karolina Małek Stelmachowska and Łukasz Duda-Barcik, will be happy to consult your problem and adjust the best possible treatment. We try to adapt the surgical technique, using the experience or the latest achievements adopted in the world, thinking individually about each patient, about his safety, striving to obtain the effect discussed before the procedure.



In summary, we invite you to an ONLINE AND LIVE consultation, we will discuss the problem and present the best solution.


Bearing in mind that three heads are better than one, we consult the most complicated cases together to find the right treatment.




You're welcome in drPaul Clinic



Marek Paul, Karolina Małek Stelmachowska and Łukasz Duda-Barcik

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