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We offer a wide range of treatments in the field of aesthetic medicine and full commitment to solving your problem.


We offer

- a full range of treatments with the use of botulinum toxin,

- correction of mimic wrinkles,

- enlarging and correcting the shape of the lips,

- face contour modeling,

- filling the loss of face volume,

- improvement of skin density,

- scar and discoloration therapy,

- treatments improving hair density and quality,

- treatment of hyperhidrosis,

- tear valley correction, - volumetric lifting,

- vampire facelift,

- rejuvenation of the skin of the hands, neckline and neck.


In our work, we use


- Er: YAG Fotona laser,

- Hyaluronic acid,

- Luminera, Juvederm,

- Platelet-rich plasma,

- Botulinum toxin,

- Mesotherapy preparations

- Aquashine, Dives,

- Biostimulants - Nukcleofill,

- Peptide hair therapy

- Dr. Cyj, - Pelleve.



 I cordially invite you


Karolina Warchoł, MD; Korneliusz Wojcik, MD

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