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Engaging in Aesthetic and Reconstructive Gynecology poses a unique challenge. The objective, achieved through surgical correction, is to bring about a lasting change that satisfies the patient. This field holds particular significance as its outcomes not only impact the external appearance but also influence psychological and sexual well-being. Hence, a fundamental aspect is understanding the patient's expectations, serving as the basis for surgery qualification.

For the past 7 years, I have been immersed in this intricate domain, delivering satisfaction to both myself and patients.

My training in aesthetic gynecology at SouthCoast Urogynecology (under Dr. Red Alinsod) has equipped me with the skills needed.

Commonly performed procedures include:

  • Labioplasty, addressing the labia minora

  • Hoodoplasty, focusing on the clitoral area

  • Perineoplasty, correcting the perineum (often postpartum)

  • Introitoplasty, rectifying the vagina atrium

  • Vaginoplasty, involving the narrowing of the posterior vaginal wall

Preparation for treatments or postoperative care may involve non-invasive procedures such as laser vaginal revitalization, HIFU or radiofrequency-based vaginal revitalization, or O-shot.

Consultations with patients, are based on well-established knowledge, form the basis for qualifying for a specific procedure.

 have authored chapters in the book 'Goodman Plastic Gynecology' PZWL 2018, delving into patient selection, secondary operations after previous treatments, and the effects of final operations in plastic gynecology. Goodman's book stands as one of the world's premier manuals for operating techniques in aesthetic gynecology.


Furthermore, I am the author of the sole aesthetic gynecology paper published in Poland in an international journal in 2018 - "Invasive Aesthetic Gynecology Trends in Poland Between 2010 And 2016: A Multicenter Experience."

Out of respect for privacy, I refrain from publishing pre- and post-treatment photos, deeming it an intimate matter for each individual. A detailed, individual consultation before the procedure allows for an accurate assessment of the potential outcomes.

Feel free to schedule a consultation

Iwona Gabriel MD, PhD

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